PetWave's 100% Live Insect Numbers Guarantee

PetWave's 100% Live Insect Numbers Guarantee

Live Insect Numbers

PetWave use best practice methods of filling bulk live insects packages to ensure accuracy of numbers, including daily calibration. Further information is available at PetWave's blog  How many Live Insects are in My Bulk Pack? Sharing how PetWave's live insects are bulk filled

Extra Live Insects

PetWave proudly supply our online live crickets, live woodies, live super worms, live mealworms, live black soldier fly larvae and other live insects with 10 to 20% more in number than advertised to cover the odd loss. Therefore our customers recieve 10+% more live insects than they pay for each order.

Sometimes Things Do Go Wrong (Albeit Rarely)

Even with PetWave's quality checks in place, sometimes things do go wrong with live insects (albeit rarely). If any issues do occur, we will help to resolve quickly. 

How To Claim Under PetWave’s 100% Live Insect Numbers Guarantee

In the unlikely case that your count of the live insects is less than stated, you can make a claim under PetWave’s live insect numbers guarantee. Please send a photo of the total number of insects in the bulk package immediately after delivery with original packaging to Please also send details of your count and the weight of the live insects supplied.   

How Will PetWave Resolve The Situation?

PetWave will resolve any genuine situation free of charge as quickly as possible by replacing any missing live insects, crediting the value of the missing product or refunding (where appropriate). 

PetWave’s 100% Live Guarantee

PetWave also guarantee that our live fish, live insects, live aquatic plants and live hermit crabs arrive alive at your door. This means that shipping of our live products are 100% risk free for our customers. More details can be found at PetWave's 100% Live Guarantee

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About PetWave

PetWave is an Australian online pet supply company that is expert in shipping delicate, live and frozen reptile and aquarium products to you and your pet’s door across Australia. Order before 7:30am for next day delivery. 

PetWave are very proud to offer the highest quality and largest selection of live aquarium fish, aquarium plants, live reptile food including live insects, frozen feeders especially for snakes, lizards, frogs and birds of prey and many other beautiful decorations for your aquarium and terrarium. 

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