8 Fish To Add To Your Aquarium

What are some of the most popular fish to populate your aquarium with? The list is endless, because aquarists across the world have thousands upon thousands of different varieties that they enjoy keeping, but we've listed a few of our most popular varieties available at PetWave. From albino catfishes to exotic discus to miniature sharks to koi angels, you're sure to find the sort of fish that's perfect for your aquarium.

Albino Bristlenose Catfish

The Albino Bristlenose Catfish is a quiet fish that you can keep in your aquarium along with other fish, and it has the added benefit of keeping it clean by eating algae and other leftovers in the tank.

This fish is kept by those with aquariums since they clean algae so well, and are usually smaller than some other common catfish. They have a long lifespan of over 10 years, and are easily kept in a range of termperatures and water. The albino aspect of the fish comes from a genetic pattern from subterrarean ancestors. The males have a bristly area in the center of the head, and the females have them around the chin area of the head.

Neon Tetra

The Neon Tetra is native to blackwater streams in the Amazon basin, a freshwater fish that is notable for the bright colors along its side. It is one of the most popular fish for use in aquariums. In an aquarium, they can live for over five years. They're quiet fish that best need to be kept alongside other small fish. The bright iridescent coloring can fade after a period of darkness. They prefer to be kept in a somewhat dim level of light, much like their natural habitat in the murky waters of the Amazon.

White Cloud

The White Cloud is a member of the carp family native to China. It is a common fish for aquarists to keep in groups as they prefer to "shoal", or keep together. These fish are often recommended for beginners as they're extremely hardy and can resist wide variations in temperature. They're often kept in unheated tanks in colder climates for this reason. They last for over five years if cared for well. 

Leopard Discus

The Discus fish is popular for aquariums since it has such a distinctive shape and comes in a wide variety of colors. Originally from the Amazon basin, it's a social fish that prefers groups. It feeds on algae and can be useful to keep in your tank for this reason. 

Green Terror Cichlid

Named for it's aggressiveness, the Green Terror Cichlid is a freshwater fish originally from rivers in Peru and Ecuador. It is a very active fish and is popular with many aquarists who like more active aquariums. They eat a variety of foods and are easy to care for, but grow to a decent size of six inches or more.

Koi Angel

The Koi Angel is a type of angelfish, a freshwater fish that comes from South America. They're kept often for their shape and color. They need warm water, but in general are quite easy to care for which is one of the reasons that they are so popular for aquariums. The koi angel in particular has been bred for the mottled orange color.

Red-Tailed Black Shark

The red-tailed black shark is not a true shark, but a sharkminnow. It is a freshwater fish that comes from Thailand. While aggressive and often found chasing other fish, it is usually harmless and is safe to keep with other fish in the tank. It is territorial and usually dwells on the bottom of the tank.

Albino Halfbeak

The albino halfbeak is a small fish noted for it's long lower jaw. Halfbeaks come from all over the world and are often found in aquariums. They eat algae and are a perfect addition to your aquarium's habitat.

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