Caring for live insects in winter

Caring for live insects in winter

Live Insect Winter Guide

Why Feed Live Insects To Your Pet?

If you keep pet lizards, frogs, birds or chickens, live insects can be a vital component of meeting their nutritional needs. Providing live feeder insects can help give your pets a balanced diet and stimulate their feeding behaviors in the wild. 


How Should I Order Live Insects?

Ordering your insects online is the ideal way to keep your live insects supplied. Your live insect order will be delivered direct to your door and left in a safe place, complete with our 100% Live Guarantee.

Keep It Dry, Dark (and not too cold!)

Your live insects will thrive when kept in a cool, dark area away from direct sunlight at all times. A well-ventilated storage container is still important even during the cooler months, however you should be mindful of letting their temperature dip too low. Some insects, such as crickets, may enter a hibernation or even die if left too cold.

Quick Care Guide

For more detailed information about caring for your live feeder insects, be sure to check out our Caresheets and Quick Guide below!



Live Insects - Quick Guide







No condensation



Refrigerated / room temperature

Moisture provided through food

2-3 weeks (refrigerated), daily (room temperature)


(never refrigerate)

Moisture provided through food




Moisture provided through food


Black Soldier Fly Larvae


Relative humidity of ~70%

Not required

Live Silkworms

Room temperature

No condensation




Favourite Live Insects for Winter

  • Crickets
  • Woodies
  • Black Soldier Fly Larvae


Winter Essentials For Live Insects & Reptiles

Lamps & Light Globes - Lamps and light globes can help keep your pet reptiles and live feeders warm if required.


Ventilated Storage Box - Our live feeder storage boxes offer a secure, well ventilated option for storing live insects or other feeding supplies. 


Veterinarian Grade Cage Cleaner - Our veterinarian grade cleaner is ideal for vivariums, cages and terrariums which not only kills viruses and bacteria but also deodorises and disinfects. 

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