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A pet chook can make an excellent addition to any household. These friendly animals are relatively low-maintenance, and they provide a source of fresh eggs. Chooks also make great companions, and many people enjoy watching them scratch and peck in the garden. If you have a pet chicken, you obviously need chicken food and accessories to keep up with your little friend’s care and maintenance. The great news is that chicken feed is lesser complicated than other pet feeds and is easily available online at PetWave.

What type of chicken food is preferable?

Chicken feed is a specialised food for chickens. Chickens are omnivorous birds, and their diet consists of seeds, insects, greens, and other small animals. A chicken's nutritional needs vary depending on its age and stage of development. For example, pullets (young hens) need a higher level of protein to help them grow, while laying hens require a diet that includes calcium to support egg production. There are many different types of chicken feed available on the market, so it's good to know which food is best for your flock. Generally speaking, chicken feed should be high in protein and low in fat. Keep the chook food free of any contaminants, such as mold or Salmonella bacteria. When stored properly, chicken feed can last for several months without going bad.

At PetWave, we have a variety of chicken feed available in the form of live mealworms, woodies, crickets and more. Set up a whole buffet for your pet chook and enjoy their way of saying thanks when they lay healthy eggs.

Which accessories should you buy for your chook?

PetWave offers a wide range of accessories that you can utilise for your pet chicken’s maintenance and care. Any pet requires a clean environment to stay healthy. You can have a look at the cleaning accessories we stock like the odour eliminator, disinfectant, and wipes. There are also other accessories like the insect barrier and the lamp holder that can add to your chook’s lifestyle.

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