How many live insects are in my bulk pack? Sharing how PetWave live insects bulks are filled...

How many live insects are in my bulk pack? Sharing how PetWave live insects bulks are filled...

PetWave supplies an extensive of range of quality live insects in bulk across Australia to our online customers, other live insect suppliers, zoos, veterinary clinics, wildlife parks and breeders. Bulk live insects supplied by PetWave include live crickets, mealworms, woodies, superworms, fly pupae, silkworms, earthworms and black soldier fly larvae.


PetWave live insects are measured into their packages in three different ways:

  1. individually counted;
  2. by weight; or 
  3. by volume

Picture 1: PetWaev live silkworms are individually counted into their packages


Silkworms are the only live insects counted individually. This is becuase silkworms are far more delicate than other insects and need therefore need to be handled individually and very carefully. PetWave silkworms are also high value per insect and are only sold in small lots. The advantage of counting live insects individually is that it provides exact number measurement. However, counting live insects in this way is time consuming, high cost and is not generally practical for bulk orders.

Picture 2: PetWave live superworms and mealworms are measured into their bulk packages to ensure the right numbers


Two common and low cost live insects purchased online in Australia for lizard, frog and bird feeders are live bulk crickets and bulk live woodroaches or woodies. PetWave live crickets, woodies, mealworms, superworms, giant mealworms, black soldier fly larvae and fly pupae are all measured and sold by weight or volume. Weight is a preferred method of measuring bulk live insects for relatively passive insects and weight or volume for insects that are very active. Either way works well so long as PetWave incorporate the following considerations into account:


  • try to handle insects as little as possible to ensure the live insect's health, welfare, low stress and ultimately great quality when they arrive at our customer's doors. Methods of filling live insect bulk packages that involve double-handling are avoided;
  • use methods that don't allow live insects to escape during the filling process; 
  • use methods that are fast and accurate when filling live insect bulk packages;
  • use methods of filling bulk insects that overcome the lack of substantial weight in some of the lighter insects and;
  • be extra careful when filling insects that come in a variety of sizes as the size range can make consistency more difficult.

Picture 3: PetWave live crickets and woodies are measured into their bulk packages to ensure the right numbers


One challenge to accurate numbers of insects in the bulk packages is if some larger insects are able to get into the bulk pack (eg. some large woodies in with a medium woodies bulk pack) during filling, then the the number of insects could be lower than estimated (even though the weight, volume and protein level for the pet food is correct). This is because one extra large woodie can weigh the same as say 8 smaller medium woodies. It doesn’t take too many slightly bigger insects and you risk sending less live insects in number than you have estimated (but the same amount of protein, weight and volume).

So how does PetWave overcome this challenge of bulk packing of live insects?


In four ways:


  1. Each morning before PetWave bulk packs it's live insects, a quality-based calibration is completed. Filling of live insect bulk packs of live crickets, live woodies, live mealworms and live back soldier fly larvae is not commenced until the correct number of insects (in number) more than correlates to the actual weight or volume measurement tool for the insects available that day. Yes - every day someone counts the number of insects in a given weight or volume to ensure that they are not slightly bigger than the average. It is very rare that there is any need to make any changes to the calibration but it is checked each day regardless as a standardised quality check;
  2. PetWave live insect bulk packs are over-filled by about 10% to 20% to allow for any travel losses or the odd bigger insect squeezing through;
  3. PetWave perform random weekly count and quality checks just before we load the truck as another quality check; and
  4. PetWave ensure that the sizing tools that are used to sort the live insects into different sizes are maintained and accurate. 


PetWave offer two guarentees to ensure our customers are secure in the knowledge that they are getting premium quality products:

  • PetWave offers a 100% live guarentee. In the unlikley event that your live insects are negatively affected during transportation, please take a photo and send it to and we will rectify the situation quickly. 
  • PetWave also offers a 100% insect number guarentee. In the extremely unlikely event that you are supplied less than the advertised number of insects, please send us a photo and a statement of your count and we will rectify the situation immediately. As PetWave supplies 10+% more insects that advertised on average, our customers are alows ahead.


PetWave rarely has to make good on the two guarentees above but it is reassuring to know they are there just in case. PetWave is a small family business that strives to offer premium quality competitive products. We only stya on business by having loyal and happy customers and we appreciate all genuine feedback – that way we can continue to get better. 

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About PetWave

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