My Bearded Dragon's Paleo Diet - Part 1

My Bearded Dragon's Paleo Diet - Part 1


Has anyone tried the latest fad, the paleo diet? I tried recently to lose a few kilos and our family gave the caveman diet a go. Although the kids, complained about missing junk food, we have never eaten better. It was during this time that I realized that we were eating just like our dragon lizards should….

We are lucky in Australia that we not only get to observe native “Beardies” relatively commonly in the wild, but domestic animals are also cheap and easy to keep as pets.

“Beardeds” are awesome pets which are growing in popularity all around the world. Their docile and bonding nature is attractive to all ages. In some circles, they are considered the best pet for kids due to their curious and social personalities.

Two important considerations to ensure a long life for your pet are type of bearded dragon habitat and diet.

Juvenile Bearded Dragons should be kept in a terrarium habitat of at least 20 litres and double that for adult Bearded Dragon enclosure. Loose substrate is not recommended as part of a bearded dragon setup as digestive problems can result.  A heat lamp and heat pad are desirable for indoor pets and you may see them basking with their mouths open to allow their body temperature to cool down. This is similar to a dog panting.

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In "Paleo Diet – My Bearded Dragon Eats Better Than Me, Part 2", we answer the question ‘what do bearded dragons eat?’ 

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