My Bearded Dragon's Paleo Diet - Part 2


Have you ever asked yourself ‘what do bearded dragons eat?’ Being an omnivore "beardies" eat both animals and plants…..  same as people on a Paleo diet..

When young, they eat 80% bugs and 20% plants. However, as they age, the feeding ratio reverses to 80% plants and 20% insects & meat.

Beardies are definitely not picky eaters and should be fed variety. In the right conditions and temperature, they will eat like vacuum cleaners.

The best animal based bearded dragon pet food is:

Insects: Crickets have long been the most popular live food, the lizards loving chasing them and eating them with gusto. Woodroaches (or Woodies) are clean insects that are highly nutritious and easily digestible due to their soft exoskeleton. Super worms are recommended for large bearded dragons. Mealworms are popular but should only be fed as a treat as too many (more than a few a day) can be difficult to digest and cause serious problems. The insects should be fed “Gutload” powder prior to feeding and then sprinkled with Calcium and Multi-Vitamin Powders to improve their nutritional value.

All insects come in multiple sized insects and packages, from handy tubs to bulk and are avialabel on line with the powders from PetWave. Baby dragon’s food should start at pinhead and extra small sizes, working up sizes as your dragon grows. Adult bearded dragon’s will easily eat large sized insects.

Rodents: A commonly asked question is should I feed my pet dragon meat? Well raw and processed meat such as mince or ham is out due to the risk of intestinal worms or preservatives. However, many lizard keepers are aware that mice can be an excellent food source for Bearded Dragons. Pinkie mice are very lean with less than 5% fat, increasing to 14% for larger fuzzy mice. You can feed your adult bearded dragon mice on a regular basis (a few times a month). They can be ordered online in multiple pack sizes including bulk and stored in your freezer.

PetWave supply premium live insects and frozen rodents reliably delivered to your door right across Australia. Go to to check out our range.

In “Paleo Diet – My Bearded Dragon Eats Better Than Me, Part 3”, we finish answering the question ‘what do bearded dragons eat?


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