Do PetWave live insects have any hormones or growth inhibitors added? The answer is very "natural"

Do PetWave live insects have any hormones or growth inhibitors added? The answer is very "natural"

PetWave supplies a wide range of live insects including live woodies, crickets, black soldier fly larvae, superworms, giant mealworm, fly pupae, & earthworms. PetWave live insects are fed a natural diet including fresh vegetables and grains. 

Picture 1: PetWave live crickets and woodies are only fed a natural organic diet

Some PetWave supplied insects are “gut-loaded”, a process where the live insects are fed nutritious foods with the intention of passing those nutrients to the animal that ultimately eats the live insects. The term gut-loading is a common term used when referencing the preparation of insects, such as crickets, woodies, black soldier fly larvae  and mealworms which are used as food for pet reptiles such as bearded dragons, geckos, green tree frogs, water dragons & more. By providing the live insects with a high-quality diet prior to feeding, they become a more nutritious meal for the beardie, gecko, native bird, chook, etc.

Gut loading can be accomplished by providing fruits, vegetables, and cereals or ready-made gutload. Gutload products include varying combinations of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and dietary fibre.

Picture 2: PetWave live black soldier fly larvae eat natural organic bran & vegetables

Some backyard insect growers and even some professional companies around the world and within Australia apparently use hormones and growth inhibitors to accelerate, stretch and control the growth of their live insect production. That way they get can get an “unnatural advantage” over their competitors. It is reputed that some live mealworms suppliers spray their product with hormones to stop them breeding. This information is not commonly shared with their customers.

Picture 3: PetWave live mealworms and silkworms are only fed a natural organic diet

PetWave has now been asked enough times whether we use hormones, pheromones or other chemicals to provide an answer. The answer is clear, PetWave supplied products are not exposed to these types of chemicals during the breeding or growing of our live insects and are naturally able to grow and breed as intended.

Picture 4: PetWave fly pupae and superworms are hormones, phermone and chemical free

You can purchase live feeder insects free of added hormones, phermones or other chemicals online in Australia at .

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