Secret Benefits of Live Aquarium Plants

Secret Benefits of Live Aquarium Plants


There are so many options when decorating an aquarium including endless tacky ornaments, terrarium plants that only live a short time, fish tank gravel and amazing hardscapes like rocks and driftwood. No matter whether you have large fish tanks, small fish tanks or even betta fish bowls, everyone agrees that aquariums look great when plants are included. The choice of live aquarium plants or artificial is easy when the secret benefits of live aquarium plants are considered.

Live plants provide a lot of benefits over artificial plants. This article seeks to highlight the secret benefit of live aquarium plants.


The most obvious benefit of adding aquarium plants to your aquarium is that they can transform your aquarium into an eco-friendly “work of art”. However, the benefits of adding aquarium plants are far more extensive than just beauty and aesthetics.

Other secret benefits of live planted aquariums include that they;

• serve as a constant back-up food supply for your fish;

• give natural shelter and provide security to baby, weak and shy fish as well as females giving birth or laying eggs.  They provide fish with natural habitat and bring out natural behavior and beauty in your fish;

• live plants absorb waste carbon dioxide and add valuable oxygen to the water which keeps it healthy;

• increase the surface area for rotifers, tiny worms and protozoa to grow, providing live food for the fish in the tank;

• decompose ammonia and other wastes, thereby preventing green water. Live plants out compete algae. It is a simple and inexpensive way of keeping your fish tank water clear. Artificial plants cannot achieve any of this.

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