PetWave Live Insect Availability Update - December 2020

PetWave is committed to being a reliable supplier of live, frozen & other products to our valued customers. We have had very few supply interruptions over many years.

During Corona Virus, PetWave's demand for live woodies has risen significantly. PetWave has kept up with this temporary increased demand by ensuring increased investment in production.

Unfortunately, as summer seasonal demand has hit on top of Corona Virus demand, PetWave has reached capacity and needs to temporarily divert many of our bulk woodies back to breeding to build up our stocks so that we are able to supply demand throughout all of 2021.

During December, this means that we can supply only limited numbers of bulk small and bulk medium woodies. Stock will be updated regularly. We still have a limited number of medium & large woodies for sale (limit of one bulk per customer). We plan on being able to meet full demand again in January 2021.

Live Woodies can easily be substituted for Live Crickets and/or Black Soldier Fly Larvae. Bearded Dragons, Frogs and other pets love these feeders. PetWave has heaps of both of these excellent feeder insects and can supply in bulk over this short period. 

Thank you for your understanding and very sorry for any inconvenience.


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