Smart People Shop For Their Pets Online

Smart People Shop For Their Pets Online

Most people in Australia do their banking online, buy their concert tickets and watch movies online. Everyday more and more smart pet owners are also buying their pet and aquarium supplies online.

You can buy an endless range of pet products on the web from live insects for your pet frog, pet dragon and pet snake, live pet fish, fish tank rocks and aquarium online driftwood. With a busy lifestyle the idea of ordering your premium fish food with the click of a mouse instead of braving the stores and the parking lots makes a lot of sense. Here are four important reasons smart people shop for their pets online:

1.         Money, Money, Money

Buying online is cheaper. Online suppliers such as online aquarium stores have less cost in their business and this is often passed on to their customers as cheaper prices. For some pet products, you can save over 50% on the same package compared to paying full petstore prices. Online suppliers such as PetWave offer bulk options which are not easily available elsewhere meaning that the unit price can be 80% less than retail prices. If you factor in the cost of petrol, parking and impulse buys then internet shopping for pets is compelling.

2.         Convenience

In today’s busy world, smart people put a price on their time…. there is nothing more valuable than freeing up time. While watching TV or gaming late at night, smart pet owners can find “mealworms for sale for Gouldian Finch breeding” or answer the question “what do magpies eat?”. They buy cheap pet products hassle-free at their convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Everyone has experienced forgetting to order regular items such as pet food, causing families to scramble in traffic and crowds to find something to feed their pet. With online repeat delivery offers such as PetWave-On-Tap, smart shoppers pre-arrange their deliveries.

3.         Variety of Products

The extensive variety of products available makes purchasing on the web a fantastic option. You can find things you would never find in your local pet shop such as endless varieties of gold fish for sale or aquarium decorations.

4.         Fresher Products

Buying live and frozen products online means fresher, healthier and less stressed pet products. Coming direct from the manufacturer cuts down on a transportation leg and means the products aren’t sitting around in less than ideal conditions in a retail shop.

PetWave supply premium pet products reliably delivered to your door right across Australia. Go to to check out our range.

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