100% Live Guarantee

If it's worth doing, then it's worth doing well! PetWave guarantee that our live fish, live insects, live aquatic plants and live hermit crabs arrive alive at your door. Delivering fresh, healthy & happy live products is the core of PetWave's business and our expertise. PetWave proudly supplies our crickets, mealworms and other insects with 10 to 20% more than advertised to cover the odd loss. We continually work very hard with all parts of our supply chain to ensure that your livestock arrive at your door fresh, healthy and happy.

Please note that any freight that is left at the premise or returned to the post office or freight depot as a result of the delivery address being unattended, immediately becomes the responsibility of the purchaser. We obviously cannot guarantee live or frozen products left for any time out of our control & at the mercy of the elements. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. At PetWave, we aim to do everything possible to ensure your order arrives in premium condition.

Making a claim

In the unlikely event that something does go wrong and someone was at the delivery address to recieve delivery, please send a photo of the deceased product within 24 hours after delivery (still in the original packaging) to customercare@petwave.com.au. We will then resolve the situation including replacement, credit or refund (where appropriate) as quickly as possible. Furthermore, we will improve our system to ensure the reason for your loss is addressed in all our future shipments.

If you have any questions about our live guarantee, please contact us today at customercare@petwave.com.au.


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