About Us


PetWave is run by Claire & John & their three kids, Chris & his three kids and our awesome staff incluidng Ethan and supported by our awesome suppliers. Our families are passionate pet & wildlife lovers. Our menageries has included dogs, cats, chooks, parrots, finches, snakes, lizards, fish, mice & hermit crabs. Chris is often the “local snake guy” that the neighbours call when they want to relocate a slippery visitor or want to identify an unusual native bird or animal. PetWave staff have volunteered at the local RSPCA and we have regenerated a bush block, planting over 5,000 native plants. Over the years, we have soft released native animals (gliders, possums & blue tongue lizards) on behalf of dedicated wildlife carers.

Our passion combined with a long history of providing great customer service in various businesses means that we understand and care about you and your pets. We know that your time is important & you want access to reliable, premium products at perfect prices. 

We are very proud to offer the highest quality and largest selection of live fish, aquarium plants, fish food, aquarium accessories, live food, frozen pet food and more. We plan to expand our range over time. 

We are experts in successfully shipping fresh, live, frozen & delicate items to you and your pets' door across Australia. We offer the healthiest, disease-free, bacteria free and hygienic supplies for your cherished pet. 

As a principle, we purchase as much as we can from other Australian businesses meaning that buying from PetWave keeps jobs in Australia. Petwave is an independant company and is not affliated with any of our suppliers or other companies.

Whether you are a pet parent, a hobbyist or your interest in the industry is more professional, we will be here to provide you with service that delights you.


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Please contact a member of our friendly team anytime at customercare@petwave.com.au.