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Laboratory Mice, Rats, Rabbits & Quails

PetWave source premium quality frozen feeders from Australia’s leading suppliers. PetWave's Frozen Feeder Rodents, Rabbits and Quails are much safer for your reptiles than live mice and rats. Any possibility of rodent bites is eliminated.

PetWave sourced Rodents, Rabbits & Quails are bred in state of the art quarantine controlled laboratories by expert personnel.

Unlike some of the “pet” mice & rats typically bred by backyard breeders, our frozen feeders are Premium Quality Laboratory Grade including being free of mites, fleas, ticks and internal parasites. We are particularly focussed on eliminating risks of Salmonella poisoning which can pose a serious threat to handlers of reptiles as well as their pets. All our feeders are disease and pathogen free giving you complete peace of mind.

Only a nutritious organic formula is used for feeding and PetWave ensures our product is healthy and free of added hormones or antibiotics.

PetWave takes the welfare of our animals very seriously and guarantee all stock is humanely and safely culled.

Frozen feeders should be defrosted to body temperature prior to feeding, and are then readily accepted by most snakes, carnivorous lizards and large birds.

Packaging: PetWave rats and mice are available online in sizes from Pinkies to Extra Large.

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