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Insect Handling Scissors | NFF-10

Insect Handling Scissors | NFF-10

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Live Insect Handling Scissors | Reptile Insect Clips

These live insect handling scissors are perfect for transferring live insects to your pet reptileÕs feeding dish. They can be used for reptile feeder live insects such as crickets, mealworms, black soldier fly larvae, fly pupae, silkworms and woodies in your pet's terrarium. 


These light-weight reptile insect clips are made of high quality ABS transparent material which makes it more accurate when picking up crawling.


The X-type scissor design are comfortable and are easy to clean. Each insect clip head has vent hole which allows the air to continue to flow when grasping feeder insects.


These scissors can be used to clean pet excreta as well as capturing live insects.

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