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Natural Green Humidifier | Fogger | NFF-01

Natural Green Humidifier | Fogger | NFF-01

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Natural Reptile Humidifier


Our Natural Low Cost Reptile Humidifier creates a humid terrarium environment without electricity. Using an environmentally friendly innovative Japanese design, it naturally releases water vapour into the terrarium creating a high humidity environment.


Just pour clean water into the plastic water reservoir and let nature do the rest. 


The foldable design is portable and easy to store. 


Creates a real jungle environment for Australian reptiles and frogs. No noise so does not affect your pet reptile's and frog's activities.


For reptiles and amphibians that prefer medium humidity including Boyd's Forest Dragons, Pink Tongue Skinks, Land Mullet, Leaf Tailed Geckos, Green Tree Frogs, White-lipped Tree Frogs and Green Tree Pythons.

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