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Premium Mini Snake Hooks | Full range of Reptile Hook Sizes

Premium Mini Snake Hooks | Full range of Reptile Hook Sizes

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What’s the Best Snake Hook Size?

Snake hooks come in different sizes, weight and strengths. When choosing a snake hook you should consider the size, weight and species of your snake and whether you are using primarily in an enclosure or for herping outdoors.

If using your snake hooks for herping, a longer and stronger snake hookis advised to help move material such as small logs and rocks.

If primarily using your snake hook in your snakes enclosure, a smaller and lighter reptile hook can be used to enable more movement and to help inspect under hide caves or other reptile accessories.

Snake hooks are useful for both pet snakes and wild snakes. Pet snakes can initially become aggressive when you place your hands into their cage as they can get confused about whether a handler’s hand is actually snake food or that they just feel threatened. Using a snake hook to carefully lift your pet snake out of their cage can help settle your snake and avoid bites. This is especially important for venomous Australian snakes.

It is important that herpetologists also have snake baggers and snake bagsSnake baggers allow snake bags to be securely attached and crate a safe distance to striking snakes for safe handling and transportation. Snake bags are specially secured double stitched bags that ensure snakes are not able to escape through seams. These allow you to capture snakes and keep them somewhere comfortable and safe while you transport them. You can also use a snake bag to take your snake to the vet.

How To Safely Handle a Snake with a Snake Hook?

Snake hooks are essential tools for anyone interested in keeping or herping Australian snakes. Snake hooks are used for safely handling, capturing and transporting of a snake while keeping it at a safe distance from the handler. 

Snake hooks are especially useful when handling snakes that present some risk to the handler such as bitey snakes, venomous snakes and wild snakes. Snake hooks allow the handler to immobilise a striking snake and handle it at a safe distance. 

A full guide to handling snakes using a snake hook can be found at our blog 

If you need to relocate wild snakes, a snake hook is very valuable. It is recommended that you not attempt to pick wild or venomous snakes up with your hands. By using a snake hook, you can safely lift them into a snake bag or relocate them to a different location.

On occasions, some snake handlers also use the snake hook to gently pin the snake to the ground so that it is immobilised. The snake can then be carefully and safely picked up behind the head. It is strongly suggested that amateur herpetologists firstly get instructions and coaching from experienced herpetologists or veterinarians.

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