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Reptile Soft Bed | Bearded Dragon Hammock | Suction Cup Mounting

Reptile Soft Bed | Bearded Dragon Hammock | Suction Cup Mounting

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Reptile Lounging Hammock

The Reptile Lounging Hammock is a comfortable and climbable hammock that your pet lizards, snakes and frogs will cherish. This lounger has strong suction cups that allow it to be conveniently attached to terrarium walls including those made of glass and plastic. 

This lounge hammock is perfect for terrestrial and arboreal reptiles such as Bearded Dragons, Angle Headed Rainforest Dragons, Leaf Tailed Geckos, Carpet Pythons, Skinks, Leaf Tailed Geckos, Pygmy Mulgas Monitors, Spotted Pythons, Frilled Neck Dragons, Jacky Lizards and  Water Dragons. It is also great for Hermit Crabs, Spiders and Scorpions.

This reptile hammock can be positioned anywhere around your terrarium to allow your reptile to self-regulate their body temperature by climbing closer to, or farther away from their heating lamp. It can provide a dry environment above water.

It is best to install your Reptile Lounging Hammock on a slope.

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