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Tropical Giant Mealworms | USA Superworms | Tropical Mealworms | Giant Mealworms | Do Not Refrigerate

Tropical Giant Mealworms | USA Superworms | Tropical Mealworms | Giant Mealworms | Do Not Refrigerate

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PetWave’s Giant Mealworms (Zophobas morio) are native to tropical Central and South America and are a favoured food of birds, reptiles and fish. These Giant Mealworms can be called Superworms in the USA.

These beetle larva measure 4 to 6cm in length and are about the thickness of a pencil. With their size and movement these insects easily catch the attention of your animals. These mealworms are naturally large.

The total lifespan for this species is a little over a year from egg to beetle.
• Larger than traditional mealworms;
• All natural;
• More resilient than traditional mealworms;
• Easier to digest (lower ratio of indigestible chitin in the outer skeleton of the body to mass);
• Eye catching and active;
• Great for medium to large birds ,reptiles and fish;
• Better calcium to phosphorus ratio than traditional mealworms.

How to feed:
Feed giant mealworms straight from the container with forceps or transfer them into a glass or crockery bowl with slippery sides to avoid them escaping.
Feed giant mealworms to your fish one at a time, wait for the first to be eaten before placing another in the tank to prevent uneaten food rotting in the tank.

How many to feed:
Feed once or twice a day, ideally early morning and 1-2 hours before sunset. Giant mealworms should be fed in moderation as excess will result in regurgitation. If fed regularly ensure small quantities are used at each feeding session, approximately 2-3 appropriately-sized mealworms per feed.

Storage and care:
Giant mealworms are packed with enough food (bran and carrot) to last for a week at room temperature (not to be refrigerated). Giant mealworms produce no odour or noise. Give them a small amount of bran and a small amount of carrot or apple.

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