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Fish Tukka

Frozen Turtle Food with Prawn

Frozen Turtle Food with Prawn

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PetWave ship professionally packed frozen pet food around Australia daily for overnight delivery. Our packaging includes styrofoam boxes and techniice to ensure our frozen products turn up frozen every time.


Fish Tukka Turtle Plus with Shrimp Adult Formula
Turtle Plus with Shrimp, Adult Formula is formulated with whole fresh ingredients, which provide an excellent mix of animal and plant proteins, vitamins and calcium. Fish Tukka Turtle Plus with Shrimp, Adult Formula helps maintain Healthy bones and shell, stimulates appetite, promotes growth, resistance to stress and a long healthy life.
Recommended for:     

All fresh water adult turtles
Feeding Instructions:

Feed Turtles 1-2 times daily what they will consume in 5 minutes. Turtles will begin tasting the food and within a few days start accepting Fish Tukka Turtle Plus, Adult Formula as their daily diet.
Remove any uneaten food. Keep unused cubes in your freezer.

Whole fish, Whole Shrimp, Trimmed beef hearts, Carrots, Spinach, Peas and Bloodworms.

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