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Ultimate Cage Cleaner | Steriliser | Disinfects | Kills bacteria & Viruses

Ultimate Cage Cleaner | Steriliser | Disinfects | Kills bacteria & Viruses

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The Ultimate Cage Cleaner 500ml is a specially formulated spray made from a combination of biodegradable detergent and an anti-bacterial agent resulting in the perfect product to sanitise, deodorise and disinfect terrariums and vivariums.

With no alcohol or added solvents and a pleasant aroma the Ultimate Cage Cleaner is safe for use with sensitive reptiles and comes in a handy 500ml spray bottle.

Ultimate Cage Cleaner is an easy to use spray for sanitising and deodorising Terrariums, Vivariums and other animal enclosures and equipment. The Ultimate Cage Cleaner is specially formulated with biodegradable detergents for easy cleaning and a hospital grade anti bacterial agent to sanitise, disinfect and deodorise enclosures and equipment. Superior cleaning and anti-septic water based RTU spray 500ml.

Remove animals and all food and water from enclosure prior to cleaning. Remove as much surface dirt and droppings as possible before application. Spray liberally onto all surfaces and leave 5-10 minutes. Rinse treated surfaces particularly feed and water containers in clean water and allow to dry before returning animals to enclosures.

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